Passionate about visual storytelling.



Gail Fisher Media produces story-driven photography, video, and photo editing. Customers include editorial, corporations, NGOs and the education sector. Media targets encompass broadcast, print, internet and social media.


  • Offer cost­-effective, dynamic visual media to communicate ideas, goals, vision and voice.

  • Emphasis is on integrating diverse perspectives through collaboration, and sharing a love for storytelling to produce narratives that have local, national and global reach.


  • Cultivate a deep understanding of, and interaction with, the client, in order to develop and execute a narrative concept designed to both engage and inform the viewer.

  • Focuses on authenticity, truth and journalism.

  • Post-production blending of story concept and field work is where the magic happens! Experienced editor weaves visual and narrative threads together into a story that is both impactful and inspirational.


  • Breadth of services ranges from concept to discovery, fieldwork to editing, post­-production and strategy, to distribution.

  • Story opportunities are enabled for broadcast, print, digital and social media.

  • Connect clients with a community of global supporters, for fundraising, promotional and educational purposes.


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